42 CFR § 431.52 - Payments for services furnished out of State.

§ 431.52 Payments for services furnished out of State.

(a) Statutory basis. Section 1902(a)(16) of the Act authorizes the Secretary to prescribe State plan requirements for furnishing Medicaid to State residents who are absent from the State.

(b) Payment for services. A State plan must provide that the State will pay for services furnished in another State to the same extent that it would pay for services furnished within its boundaries if the services are furnished to a beneficiary who is a resident of the State, and any of the following conditions is met:

(1) Medical services are needed because of a medical emergency;

(2) Medical services are needed and the beneficiary's health would be endangered if he were required to travel to his State of residence;

(3) The State determines, on the basis of medical advice, that the needed medical services, or necessary supplementary resources, are more readily available in the other State;

(4) It is general practice for beneficiaries in a particular locality to use medical resources in another State.

(c) Cooperation among States. The plan must provide that the State will establish procedures to facilitate the furnishing of medical services to individuals who are present in the State and are eligible for Medicaid under another State's plan.

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