42 CFR § 432.32 - Training and use of volunteers.

§ 432.32 Training and use of volunteers.

(a) State plan requirement. A State plan must provide for the training and use of non-paid or partially paid volunteers in accordance with the requirements of this section.

(b) Functions of volunteers. The Medicaid agency must make use of volunteers in:

(1) Providing services to applicants and beneficiaries; and

(2) Assisting any advisory committees established by the agency.

As used in this paragraph, “partially paid volunteers” means volunteers who are reimbursed only for actual expenses incurred in giving service, without regard to the value of the service or the time required to provide it.

(c) Staffing. The agency must designate a position whose incumbent is responsible for:

(1) The development, organization, and administration of the volunteer program; and

(2) Coordination of the program with related functions.

(d) Recruitment, selection, training, and supervision. The agency must have:

(1) Methods of recruitment and selection that assure participation of volunteers of all income levels, in planning capacities and service provision; and

(2) A program of organized training and supervision of volunteers.

(e) Reimbursement of expenses. The agency must -

(1) Reimburse volunteers for actual expenses incurred in providing services; and

(2) Assure that no volunteer is deprived of the opportunity to serve because of the expenses involved.

(f) Progressive expansion. The agency must provide for annual increase in the number of volunteers used until the volunteer program is adequate for the achievement of the agency's service goals.

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