42 CFR § 435.845 - Medically needy resource eligibility.

§ 435.845 Medically needy resource eligibility.

To determine eligibility on the basis of resources for medically needy individuals, the agency must:

(a) Consider only the individual's resources and those that are considered available to him under the financial responsibility requirements for relatives in § 435.602.

(b) Deduct the amounts that would be deducted in determining resource eligibility for the medically needy group as provided for in § 435.601 or under the criteria of States using more restrictive criteria than SSI as provided for in § 435.121. In determining the amount of an individual's resources for Medicaid eligibility, States must count amounts of resources that otherwise would not be counted under the conditional eligibility provisions of the SSI or AFDC programs.

(c) Apply the resource standard specified under § 435.840.

[58 FR 4933, Jan. 19, 1993]