42 CFR § 435.920 - Verification of SSNs.

§ 435.920 Verification of SSNs.

(a) In redetermining eligibility, the agency must review case records to determine whether they contain the beneficiary's SSN or, in the case of families, each family member's SSN.

(b) If the case record does not contain the required SSNs, the agency must require the beneficiary to furnish them and meet other requirements of § 435.910.

(c) For any beneficiary whose SSN was established as part of the case record without evidence required under the SSA regulations as to age, citizenship, alien status, or true identity, the agency must obtain verification of these factors in accordance with § 435.910.

[44 FR 17937, Mar. 23, 1979, as amended at 51 FR 7211, Feb. 28, 1986]