42 CFR § 436.541 - Determination of disability.

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§ 436.541 Determination of disability.

(a)Basic requirements.

(1) At a minimum, the agency must use the review team, information, and evidence requirements specified in paragraph (b) through (d) of this section in making a determination of disability.

(2) If the requirements or determining disability under the State's APTD or AABD program are more restrictive than the minimum requirements specified in this section, the agency must use the requirements applied under the APTD or AABD program.

(b) The agency must obtain a medical report and a social history for individuals applying for Medicaid on the basis of disability. The medical report must include a diagnosis based on medical evidence. The social history must contain enough information to enable the agency to determine disability.

(c) A physician and social worker, qualified by professional training and experience, must review the medical report and social history and determine on behalf of the agency whether the individual meets the definition of disability. The physician must determine whether and when reexaminations will be necessary for periodic redeterminations of eligibility as required under § 435.916 of this subchapter.

(d) In subsequently determining disability, the physician and social worker must review reexamination reports and the social history and determine whether the individual continues to meet the definition. Disability is considered to continue until this determination is made.

[54 FR 50762, Dec. 11, 1989]