42 CFR § 438.416 - Recordkeeping requirements.

§ 438.416 Recordkeeping requirements.

(a) The State must require MCOs, PIHPs, and PAHPs to maintain records of grievances and appeals and must review the information as part of its ongoing monitoring procedures, as well as for updates and revisions to the State quality strategy.

(b) The record of each grievance or appeal must contain, at a minimum, all of the following information:

(1) A general description of the reason for the appeal or grievance.

(2) The date received.

(3) The date of each review or, if applicable, review meeting.

(4) Resolution at each level of the appeal or grievance, if applicable.

(5) Date of resolution at each level, if applicable.

(6) Name of the covered person for whom the appeal or grievance was filed.

(c) The record must be accurately maintained in a manner accessible to the state and available upon request to CMS.