42 CFR § 455.16 - Resolution of full investigation.

§ 455.16 Resolution of full investigation.

A full investigation must continue until—

(a) Appropriate legal action is initiated;

(b) The case is closed or dropped because of insufficient evidence to support the allegations of fraud or abuse; or

(c) The matter is resolved between the agency and the provider or beneficiary. This resolution may include but is not limited to—

(1) Sending a warning letter to the provider or beneficiary, giving notice that continuation of the activity in question will result in further action;

(2) Suspending or terminating the provider from participation in the Medicaid program;

(3) Seeking recovery of payments made to the provider; or

(4) Imposing other sanctions provided under the State plan.

[43 FR 45262, Sept. 29, 1978, as amended at 48 FR 3756, Jan. 27, 1983]