42 CFR § 455.301 - Definitions.

§ 455.301 Definitions.

For the purposes of this subpart—

Independent certified audit means an audit that is conducted by an auditor that operates independently from the Medicaid agency or subject hospitals and is eligible to perform the DSH audit. Certification means that the independent auditor engaged by the State reviews the criteria of the Federal audit regulation and completes the verification, calculations and report under the professional rules and generally accepted standards of audit practice. This certification includes a review of the State's audit protocol to ensure that the Federal regulation is satisfied, an opinion for each verification detailed in the regulation, a determination of whether or not the State made DSH payments that exceeded any hospital's hospital-specific DSH limit in the Medicaid State plan rate year under audit, and a quantification of the financial impact of each audit finding on a hospital-specific basis. The certification also identifies any data issues or other caveats or deficiencies that the auditor identified as impacting the results of the audit.

Medicaid State Plan Rate Year means the 12-month period defined by a State's approved Medicaid State plan in which the State estimates eligible uncompensated care costs and determines corresponding disproportionate share hospital payments as well as all other Medicaid payment rates. The period usually corresponds with the State's fiscal year or the Federal fiscal year but can correspond to any 12-month period defined by the State as the Medicaid State plan rate year.

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