42 CFR § 460.136 - Internal quality improvement activities.

§ 460.136 Internal quality improvement activities.

(a)Quality improvement requirements. A PACE organization must do the following:

(1) Use a set of outcome measures to identify areas of good or problematic performance.

(2) Take actions targeted at maintaining or improving care based on outcome measures.

(3) Incorporate actions resulting in performance improvement into standards of practice for the delivery of care and periodically track performance to ensure that any performance improvements are sustained over time.

(4) Set priorities for performance improvement, considering prevalence and severity of identified problems, and give priority to improvement activities that affect clinical outcomes.

(5) Immediately correct any identified problem that directly or potentially threatens the health and safety of a PACE participant.

(b)Quality improvement coordinator. A PACE organization must designate an individual to coordinate and oversee implementation of quality assessment and performance improvement activities.

(c)Involvement in quality improvement activities.

(1) A PACE organization must ensure that all interdisciplinary team members, PACE staff, and contract providers are involved in the development and implementation of quality improvement activities and are aware of the results of these activities.

(2) The quality improvement coordinator must encourage a PACE participant and his or her caregivers to be involved in quality improvement activities, including providing information about their satisfaction with services.

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