42 CFR § 478.22 - Good cause for late filing of a request for a reconsideration or hearing.

§ 478.22 Good cause for late filing of a request for a reconsideration or hearing.

(a) General Rule. In determining whether a party has good cause for not filing a request for reconsideration or hearing timely, the QIO or ALJ, respectively, must consider the following:

(1) What circumstances kept the party from making the request on time.

(2) Whether an action by the QIO misled the party.

(3) Whether the party understood the requirements of the Act as affected by amendments to the Act, other legislation, or court decisions.

(b) Examples. Examples of circumstances in which good cause may exist include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) A party was seriously ill and was prevented from requesting a reconsideration in person, through another person, or in writing.

(2) There was a death or serious illness in a party's immediate family.

(3) Important records were accidentally destroyed or damaged by fire or other cause.

(4) A party made a diligent effort but could not find or obtain necessary relevent information within the appropriate time period.

(5) A party requested additional information to further explain the determination within the time limit, and requested reconsideration within 60 days of receiving the explanation (or within 30 days for a Departmental Appeals Board hearing).

(6) The QIO gave the party incorrect or incomplete information about when and how to request a reconsideration or hearing.

(7) A party sent the request to another Government agency in good faith within the time limit, but the request did not reach an office authorized to receive the request until after the time period had expired.

(8) Other unusual or unavoidable circumstances exist that -

(i) Show that a party could not have known of the need to file timely; or

(ii) Prevented a party from filing timely.

[50 FR 15372, Apr. 17, 1985, as amended at 61 FR 32349, June 24, 1996. Redesignated at 64 FR 66279, Nov. 24, 1999]

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