42 CFR § 484.45 - Condition of participation: Reporting OASIS information.

§ 484.45 Condition of participation: Reporting OASIS information.

HHAs must electronically report all OASIS data collected in accordance with § 484.55.

(a) Standard: Encoding and transmitting OASIS data. An HHA must encode and electronically transmit each completed OASIS assessment to the CMS system, regarding each beneficiary with respect to which information is required to be transmitted (as determined by the Secretary), within 30 days of completing the assessment of the beneficiary.

(b) Standard: Accuracy of encoded OASIS data. The encoded OASIS data must accurately reflect the patient's status at the time of assessment.

(c) Standard: Transmittal of OASIS data. An HHA must—

(1) For all completed assessments, transmit OASIS data in a format that meets the requirements of paragraph (d) of this section.

(2) Transmit data using electronic communications software that complies with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140–2, issued May 25, 2001) from the HHA or the HHA contractor to the CMS collection site.

(3) Transmit data that includes the CMS-assigned branch identification number, as applicable.

(d) Standard: Data Format. The HHA must encode and transmit data using the software available from CMS or software that conforms to CMS standard electronic record layout, edit specifications, and data dictionary, and that includes the required OASIS data set.

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