42 CFR § 485.51 - Definition.

§ 485.51 Definition.

As used in this subpart, unless the context indicates otherwise, “comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility”, “CORF”, or “facility” means a nonresidential facility that -

(a) Is established and operated exclusively for the purpose of providing diagnostic, therapeutic, and restorative services to outpatients for the rehabilitation of injured, disabled, or sick persons, at a single fixed location, by or under the supervision of a physician except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section;

(b) Meets all the requirements of this subpart.

(c) Exception. May provide influenza, pneumococcal and Hepatitis B vaccines provided the applicable conditions of coverage under § 410.58 and § 410.63 of this chapter are met.

[48 FR 56293, Dec. 15, 1982, as amended at 72 FR 66408, Nov. 27, 2007]

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