42 CFR § 485.709 - Condition of participation: Administrative management.

§ 485.709 Condition of participation: Administrative management.

The clinic or rehabilitation agency has an effective governing body that is legally responsible for the conduct of the clinic or rehabilitation agency. The governing body designates an administrator, and establishes administrative policies.

(a)Standard: Governing body. There is a governing body (or designated person(s) so functioning) which assumes full legal responsibility for the overall conduct of the clinic or rehabilitation agency and for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The name of the owner(s) of the clinic or rehabilitation agency is fully disclosed to the State agency. In the case of corporations, the names of the corporate officers are made known.

(b)Standard: Administrator. The governing body -

(1) Appoints a qualified full-time administrator;

(2) Delegates to the administrator the internal operation of the clinic or rehabilitation agency in accordance with written policies;

(3) Defines clearly the administrator's responsibilities for procurement and direction of personnel; and

(4) Designates a competent individual to act during temporary absence of the administrator.

(c)Standard: Personnel policies. Personnel practices are supported by appropriate written personnel policies that are kept current. Personnel records include the qualifications of all professional and assistant level personnel, as well as evidence of State licensure if applicable.

(d)Standard: Patient care policies.Patient care practices and procedures are supported by written policies established by a group of professional personnel including one or more physicians associated with the clinic or rehabilitation agency, one or more qualified physical therapists (if physical therapy services are provided), and one or more qualified speech pathologists (if speech pathology services are provided). The policies govern the outpatient physical therapy and/or speech pathology services and related services that are provided. These policies are evaluated at least annually by the group of professional personnel, and revised as necessary based upon this evaluation.

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