42 CFR § 488.415 - Temporary management.

§ 488.415 Temporary management.

(a) Definition. Temporary management means the temporary appointment by CMS or the State of a substitute facility manager or administrator with authority to hire, terminate or reassign staff, obligate facility funds, alter facility procedures, and manage the facility to correct deficiencies identified in the facility's operation.

(b) Qualifications. The temporary manager must—

(1) Be qualified to oversee correction of deficiencies on the basis of experience and education, as determined by the State;

(2) Not have been found guilty of misconduct by any licensing board or professional society in any State;

(3) Have, or a member of his or her immediate family have, no financial ownership interest in the facility; and

(4) Not currently serve or, within the past 2 years, have served as a member of the staff of the facility.

(c) Payment of salary. The temporary manager's salary—

(1) Is paid directly by the facility while the temporary manager is assigned to that facility; and

(2) Must be at least equivalent to the sum of the following—

(i) The prevailing salary paid by providers for positions of this type in what the State considers to be the facility's geographic area;

(ii) Additional costs that would have reasonably been incurred by the provider if such person had been in an employment relationship; and

(iii) Any other costs incurred by such a person in furnishing services under such an arrangement or as otherwise set by the State.

(3) May exceed the amount specified in paragraph (c)(2) of this section if the State is otherwise unable to attract a qualified temporary manager.

(d) Failure to relinquish authority to temporary management—(1) Termination of provider agreement. If a facility fails to relinquish authority to the temporary manager as described in this section, CMS will or the State must terminate the provider agreement in accordance with § 488.456.

(2) Failure to pay salary of temporary manager. A facility's failure to pay the salary of the temporary manager is considered a failure to relinquish authority to temporary management.

(e) Duration of temporary management. Temporary management ends when the facility meets any of the conditions specified in § 488.454(c).