42 CFR § 489.22 - Special provisions applicable to prepayment requirements.

§ 489.22 Special provisions applicable to prepayment requirements.

(a) A provider may not require an individual entitled to hospital insurance benefits to prepay in part or in whole for inpatient services as a condition of admittance as an inpatient, except where it is clear upon admission that payment under Medicare, Part A cannot be made.

(b) A provider may not deny covered inpatient services to an individual entitled to have payment made for those services on the ground of inability or failure to pay a requested amount at or before admission.

(c) A provider may not evict, or threaten to evict, an individual for inability to pay a deductible or a coinsurance amount required under Medicare.

(d) A provider may not charge an individual for (1) its agreement to admit or readmit the individual on some specified future date for covered inpatient services; or (2) for failure to remain an inpatient for any agreed-upon length of time or for failure to give advance notice of departure from the provider's facilities.

[45 FR 22937, Apr. 4, 1980, as amended at 68 FR 46072, Aug. 4, 2003]

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