42 CFR § 489.3 - Definitions.

§ 489.3 Definitions.

For purposes of this part—

Immediate jeopardy means a situation in which the provider's or supplier's non-compliance with one or more requirements, conditions of participation, conditions for coverage, or conditions for certification has caused, or is likely to cause, serious injury, harm, impairment, or death to a resident or patient.

Physician-owned hospital means any participating hospital (as defined in § 489.24) in which a physician, or an immediate family member of a physician (as defined in § 411.351 of this chapter), has an ownership or investment interest in the hospital. The ownership or investment interest may be through equity, debt, or other means, and includes an interest in an entity that holds an ownership or investment interest in the hospital. This definition does not include a hospital with physician ownership or investment interests that satisfy the requirements at § 411.356(a) or (b) of this chapter.

Provider agreement means an agreement between CMS and one of the providers specified in § 489.2(b) to provide services to Medicare beneficiaries and to comply with the requirements of section 1866 of the Act.

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