42 CFR § 51a.8 - What other conditions apply to these grants?

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§ 51a.8 What other conditions apply to these grants?

(a) Recipients of project grants will be required to submit such additional information to the Secretary on an annual basis as the Secretary determines, including:

(1) the number of individuals served or trained, as appropriate under the project;

(2) a copy of any evaluation conducted by the recipient; and

(3) a list of Healthy Children 2000 objectives addressed by the project and data on how the project contributed toward meeting the objectives.

(b) The Secretary may at the time of award of project grants under this Part impose additional conditions, including conditions governing the use of information or consent forms, when, in the Secretary's judgment, they are necessary to advance the approved program, the interest of public health, or the conservation of grant funds.

(c) Grant recipients of Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program, a Community Integrated Service System-funded initiative, must contribute non-Federal matching funds in years 2 through 5 of the project period equal to two times the amount of the Federal Grant Award or such lesser amount determined by the Secretary for good cause shown. Reimbursement for services provided to an individual under a State plan under Title XIX will not be deemed “non-Federal matching funds” for the purposes of this provision.

[59 FR 36707, July 19, 1994, as amended at 72 FR 3080, Jan. 24, 2007]