42 CFR § 56.503 - Project elements.

§ 56.503 Project elements.

A project for the planning and development of a migrant health program supported under this subpart must:

(a) Determine (by survey or other appropriate means) the approximate number of

(1) Migratory agricultural workers and the members of their families, and

(2) Seasonal agricultural workers and the members of their families within the project's catchment area in the calendar year in which the grant is made and the period of time these workers and their families reside in the catchment area during such year.

(b) Prepare an assessment of need of the population proposed to be served by the migrant health program for the services set forth in § 56.603(a) of subpart F of this part. This assessment of need must, at a minimum, consider the factors listed in § 56.104(b)(3) (i)-(iv).

(c) Design a migrant health program for such population, based on such assessment, which indicates in detail how the proposed program will fulfill the needs identified in that assessment and meet the requirements of subpart F of this part.

(d) Develop a plan for the implementation of the program designed pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section. The implementation plan must provide for the time-phased recruitment and training of the personnel essential for the operation of a migrant health program and the gradual assumption of operational status of the project so that the project will, in the judgment of the Secretary, meet the requirements of subpart F of this part as of the end of the project period.

(e) Implement the plan developed pursuant to paragraph (d) of this section in accordance with such paragraph.

(f) Make efforts to secure within the proposed catchment area of such project, to the extent possible, financial and professional assistance and support for the project.

(g) Initiate and encourage continuing community involvement in the development and operation of the project through, for example, contributions or loans of cash, services, equipment, full- or part-time staff, space, materials, or facilities.

(h) Provide for sufficient staff, qualified by training and experience, to carry out the project and establish standards and qualifications for personnel (including the project director).

(i) Utilize, to the maximum extent feasible, other Federal, State, local, and private resources available for support of the project, prior to use of project funds under this subpart.

(j) Provide for the means of evaluating the project's progress in achievement of its specific objectives and submission of such progress reports on the project as the Secretary may from time to time request.

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