42 CFR § 64a.104 - What requirements are imposed upon grantees?

§ 64a.104 What requirements are imposed upon grantees?

Recipients of training grants under section 303 of the Act that provide a clinical traineeship to any individual must:

(a) Give each such individual written notice of the service payback and recovery requirements of this part at the time the individual becomes a candidate for the traineeship;

(b) Before awarding a clinical traineeship, conduct an entrance interview with the individual in order to explain and emphasize the service obligation the individual is incurring, obtain the individual's written assurance that he or she will satisfy the requirements of § 64a.105, and document, in accordance with paragraph (d) of this section, the entrance interview on the form containing the individual's written assurance.

(c) At the time of termination of the clinical traineeship,

(1) Notify the Secretary in writing of the date on which the individual's traineeship is terminated;

(2) Conduct an exit interview with the individual to remind the trainee of the service obligation, to fully explain the consequences that will incur should the trainee fail to satisfy the obligation, and, to tell the individual that the Secretary has been notified of the date of termination of the traineeship; and

(3) Document, in accordance with paragraph (d) of this section, the exit interview on the form notifying the Secretary of the termination of the traineeship.

(d) Document the entrance and exit interviews with at least the following information: The date of the interview, the names of the participants involved in the interview, and a statement that the interview included an explanation to the individual of the service payback requirement and the consequences of failing to fulfill the service payback requirement.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0930–0120)
[46 FR 39979, Aug. 5, 1981, as amended at 52 FR 18359, May 15, 1987]