42 CFR § 71.33 - Persons: Isolation and surveillance.

§ 71.33 Persons: Isolation and surveillance.

(a) The Director will arrange for adequate food and water, appropriate accommodation, appropriate medical treatment, and means of necessary communication for persons who are apprehended or held in isolation or quarantine under this subpart.

(b) The Director may require isolation where surveillance is authorized in this subpart whenever the Director considers the risk of transmission of infection to be exceptionally serious.

(c) Every person who is placed under surveillance by authority of this subpart shall, during the period of surveillance:

(1) Give information relative to his/her health and his/her intended destination and submit to surveillance, including electronic and internet-based monitoring as required by the Director or by the State or local health department having jurisdiction over the areas to be visited, and report for such medical examinations as may be required.

(2) Inform the Director prior to departing the United States or prior to traveling to any address other than that stated as the intended destination.

(d) From time to time the Director may, in accordance with section 322 of the Public Health Service Act, enter into agreements with public or private medical or hospital facilities for providing care and treatment for persons detained under this part.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0920-0134)
[50 FR 1519, Jan. 11, 1985; 50 FR 3910, Jan. 29, 1985; 82 FR 6976, Jan. 19, 2017]