42 CFR 71.44 - Disinsection of aircraft.

§ 71.44 Disinsection of aircraft.

(a) The Director may require disinsection of an aircraft if it has left a foreign area that is infected with insect-borne communicable disease and the aircraft is suspected of harboring insects of public health importance.

(b) Disinsection shall be the responsibility of the air carrier or, in the case of aircraft not for hire, the pilot in command, and shall be subject to monitoring by the Director.

(c) Disinsection of the aircraft shall be accomplished immediately after landing and blocking.

(1) The cargo compartment shall be disinsected before the mail, baggage, and other cargo are discharged.

(2) The rest of the aircraft shall be disinsected after passengers and crew deplane.

(d) Disinsection shall be performed with an approved insecticide in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The current list of approved insecticides and sources may be obtained from the Division of Quarantine, Center for Prevention Services, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA 30333.