42 CFR § 84.10 - Application procedures.

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§ 84.10 Application procedures.

(a) Inspection, examination, and testing leading to the approval of the types of respirators classified in subpart F of this part shall be undertaken by the Institute only pursuant to written applications which meet the minimum requirements set forth in this subpart B.

(b) Applications must be submitted in accordance with the Standard Application Procedure for the Certification of Respirators under 42 CFR 84, (Standard Application Procedure) available on the NPPTL Web site, to Records Room, National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory, P.O. Box 18070, 626 Cochrans Mill Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15236.

(c) Except as provided in § 84.64, the examination, inspection, and testing of all respirators will be conducted or caused to be conducted by the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory.

(d) Applicants, manufacturers, or their representatives may visit or communicate with the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory in order to discuss the requirements for approval of any respirator or the proposed designs thereof. No charge will be made for such consultation and no written report will be issued to applicants, manufacturers, or their representatives by the Institute as a result of such consultation.

(e) Respirators having electrical or electronic components that are required to be permissible under chapter I of title 30 shall be tested in accordance with 30 CFR part 18. Applications for approval of such respirators by MSHA shall be submitted in writing to: MSHA, Approval and Certification Center, Box 251, Industrial Park Road, Triadelphia, West Virginia 26059.

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