42 CFR § 90.12 - Confidentiality of information.

§ 90.12 Confidentiality of information.

(a) ATSDR shall consider any medical information in individually identifiable form to be confidential information and shall release such information only in accordance with the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a) or other applicable Federal law.

(b) As provided under section 104(e)(7) of CERCLA, any records, reports, or information obtained from any person under this section shall be available to the public, except that upon a showing satisfactory to ATSDR by any person that records, reports, or information, or particular part thereof (other than health or safety effects data), to which any officer, employee, or representative of ATSDR has access under this part if made public would divulge information entitled to protection under the Trade Secrets Act (18 U.S.C. 1905), such information or particular portion thereof shall be considered confidential in accordance with the purposes of that section, except that such record, report, document, or information may be disclosed to other officers, employees, or authorized representatives of the United States concerned with carrying out statutorily mandated duties.

(c) In submitting data to ATSDR, a person may designate the data which such person believes is entitled to protection under paragraph (b) of this section and submit such designated data separately from other data submitted under this part. A designation under this paragraph shall be made in writing to the Administrator. However, should ATSDR at any time question such designation, not less than 15 days notice to the person sumitting the information shall be given of the intention to remove such trade secret designation from such information. The person may submit a request to the Administrator to reconsider this intention and may provide additional information in support of the trade secret designation. The Administrator shall notify the person in writing of the decision which will become effective no sooner than 15 days after the date of such notice.

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