43 CFR 10000.5 - Mission statement.

§ 10000.5 Mission statement.

(a) The mission of the Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission is to formulate and implement the policies and objectives to accomplish the mitigation and conservation projects authorized in the Act in coordination with Federal and State fish, wildlife and recreation agencies and with local governmental entities and the general public.

(b) In fulfillment of this mission, the Commission acknowledges and adopts the following Guiding Principles for the conduct of its responsibilities.

(1) The Commission will conduct its activities in accordance with the mandate and spirit of the Act, including all other pertinent laws and regulations, and will emphasize and assure full public involvement.

(2) The Commission recognizes the existing authorities of other Federal and State agencies for the management of fish, wildlife and recreation resources and habitats in the State, and pledges to cooperate with said agencies to the fullest extent possible.

(3) The Commission is committed to raising the awareness and appreciation of fish and wildlife and their importance to the quality of life, as well as the fundamental and intrinsic right to coexistence as fellow species on our planet.

(4) Whenever and wherever pertinent, the Commission will strive to implement projects in accordance with ecosystem-based management and principles.

(5) The Commission will strive to implement projects which offer long-term benefits to fish, wildlife and recreation resources wherever and whenever pertinent.

(6) The Commission is committed to operate in a cost-effective manner, minimize overhead and operating expenses so as to maximize funds available for projects, and encourage and seek out joint-venture funding and partnerships for projects.