43 CFR § 11.15 - What damages may a trustee recover?

§ 11.15 What damages may a trustee recover?

(a) In an action filed pursuant to section 107(f) or 126(d) of CERCLA, or sections 311(f) (4) and (5) of the CWA, a natural resource trustee who has performed an assessment in accordance with this rule may recover:

(1) Damages as determined in accordance with this part and calculated based on injuries occurring from the onset of the release through the recovery period, less any mitigation of those injuries by response actions taken or anticipated, plus any increase in injuries that are reasonably unavoidable as a result of response actions taken or anticipated;

(2) The costs of emergency restoration efforts under § 11.21 of this part;

(3) The reasonable and necessary costs of the assessment, to include:

(i) The cost of performing the preassessment and Assessment Plan phases and the methodologies provided in subpart D or E of this part; and

(ii) Administrative costs and expenses necessary for, and incidental to, the assessment, assessment planning, and restoration, rehabilitation, replacement, and/or acquisition of equivalent resources planning, and any restoration, rehabilitation, replacement, and/or acquisition of equivalent resources undertaken; and

(4) Interest on the amounts recoverable as set forth in section 107(a) of CERCLA. The rate of interest on the outstanding amount of the claim shall be the same rate as is specified for interest on investments of the Hazardous Substance Superfund established under subchapter A of chapter 98 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Such interest shall accrue from the later of: The date payment of a specified amount is demanded in writing, or the date of the expenditure concerned;

(b) The determination of the damage amount shall consider any applicable limitations provided for in section 107(c) of CERCLA.

(c) Where an assessment determines that there is, in fact, no injury, as defined in § 11.62 of this part, the natural resource trustee may not recover assessment costs.

(d) There shall be no double recovery under this rule for damages or for assessment costs, that is, damages or assessment costs may only be recovered once, for the same discharge or release and natural resource, as set forth in section 107(f)(1) of CERCLA.

(e) Actions for damages and assessment costs shall comply with the statute of limitations set forth in section 113(g), or, where applicable, section 126(d) of CERCLA.

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