43 CFR § 17.270 - Recreation.

§ 17.270 Recreation.

This section applies to recipients that operate, or that receive Federal financial assistance for the operation of programs or activities involving recreation.

(a) Accessibility in existing recreation facilities. In the case of existing recreation facilities, accessibility of programs or activities shall mean accessibility of programs or activities when viewed in their entirety as provided at § 17.217. When it is not reasonable to alter natural and physical features, the following other methods of achieving accessibility may include, but are not limited to:

(1) Reassigning aid, benefits, or services to accessible locations.

(2) Delivering aid, benefits, or services at alternate accessible sites operated by or available for such use by the recipient.

(3) Assignments of aides to beneficiaries.

(4) Construction of new facilities in conformance with the requirements of § 17.218.

(5) Other methods that result in making the aid, benefits, or services accessible to handicapped persons.

(b) [Reserved]

[47 FR 29546, July 7, 1982, as amended at 68 FR 51377, Aug. 26, 2003]

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