43 CFR § 1865.1-3 - Action on application.

§ 1865.1-3 Action on application.

The authorized officer, upon review of the factual data and information submitted with the application, and upon a finding that an error was made in the patent or document of conveyance and that the requested relief is warranted and appropriate, shall give written notification to the applicant and make a reasonable effort to give written notification to any others known to have or believed to have or claim an interest in the lands that a corrected patent or document of conveyance shall be issued. The notification shall include a description of how the error is to be corrected or eliminated in the patent or document of conveyance. The notice shall require the applicant to surrender the original patent or other document of conveyance to be corrected. Where such original document is unavailable, a statement setting forth the reasons for its unavailability shall be submitted in lieu of the original document. The notice may include a requirement for quitclaiming to the United States the lands erroneously included, and shall specify any terms and conditions required for the quitclaim.