43 CFR § 2561.1 - Applications.

§ 2561.1 Applications.

(a) Applications for allotment properly and completely executed on a form approved by the Director, Bureau of Land Management, must be filed in the proper office which has jurisdiction over the lands.

(b) Any application for allotment of lands which extend more than 160 rods along the shore of any navigable waters shall be considered a request for waiver of the 160-rod limitation (see part 2094 of this chapter).

(c) If surveyed, the land must be described in the application according to legal subdivisions and must conform to the plat of survey when possible. If unsurveyed, it must be described as accurately as possible by metes and bounds and tied to natural objects. On unsurveyed lands, the application should be accompanied by a map or approved protracted survey diagram showing approximately the lands included in the application.

(d) An application for allotment shall be rejected unless the authorized officer of the Bureau of Indian Affairs certifies that the applicant is a native qualified to make application under the Allotment Act, that the applicant has occupied and posted the lands as stated in the application, and that the claim of the applicant does not infringe on other native claims or area of native community use.

(e) The filing of an acceptable application for a Native allotment will segregate the lands. Thereafter, subsequent conflicting applications for such lands shall be rejected, except when the conflicting application is made for the conveyance of lands pursuant to any provision of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (43 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.).

(f) By the filing of an application for allotment the applicant acquires no rights except as provided in paragraph (e) of this section. If the applicant does not submit the required proof within six years of the filing of his application in the proper office, his application for allotment will terminate without affecting the rights he gained by virtue of his occupancy of the land or his right to make another application.

[35 FR 9597, June 13, 1970, as amended at 39 FR 34542, Sept. 26, 1974]