43 CFR § 2812.3-7 - Permittee's agreement with United States respecting compensation and adjustment of road use.

§ 2812.3-7 Permittee's agreement with United States respecting compensation and adjustment of road use.

(a) Where the United States receives rights over any road, right-of-way, or lands, controlled directly or indirectly by a permittee, the authorized officer will seek to arrive at an advance agreement with the permittee respecting any or all of such matters as the time, route, and specifications for the development of the road system in the area; the total volume of timber to be moved over such road system, and the proportion of such timber which belongs to the United States or is embraced in a cooperative agreement for coordinated management with timber of the United States managed by the Bureau; the consequent proportion of the capital costs of the road system to be borne by such timber of the United States or embraced in such cooperative agreement; the period of time over, or rate at which, the United States or its licensees shall be required to amortise such capital cost; provisions for road maintenance; the use in addition to the uses set forth in § 2812.3–5 which the United States and its licensees may make of the road system involved, a formula for determining the proportionate capacity of the road system or portions thereof which shall be available to the United States and its licensees for the transportation of forest products; the amount and type of insurance to be carried, and the type of security to be furnished by licensees of the United States who use such road; and such other similar matters as the authorized officer may deem appropriate. To the extent necessary to fulfill the obligations of the United States under any such advance agreement, subsequent contracts for the sale of timber managed by the Bureau and tapped by such road system, and subsequent cooperative agreements for the coordinated management of such timber with other timber, will contain such provisions as may be necessary or appropriate to require such licensees to comply with the terms of the advance agreement. Where such an advance agreement between the United States and the permittee includes provisions relating to the route and specifications for extensions of the road system involved, the authorized officer may agree that upon the filing of proper applications in the future the applicant or his successor in interest shall receive the necessary permits for such road extensions as may cross lands managed by the Bureau: Provided, however, That the applicant shall have substantially complied with the terms of such advance agreement and of the outstanding permits theretofore issued to him.

(b) The provisions of § 2812.4 shall not be applicable to any matters embraced in an agreement made pursuant to this section.