43 CFR § 2920.2-4 - Proposal content.

§ 2920.2-4 Proposal content.

(a) Proposals for a land use authorization shall include a description of the proposed land use in sufficient detail to enable the authorized officer to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed land use, the impacts if any, on the environment, the public or other benefits from the proposed land use, the approximate cost of the proposal, any threat to the public health and safety posed by the proposal and whether the proposal is, in the proponent's opinion, in conformance with Bureau of Land Management plans, programs and policies for the public lands covered by the proposal. The description shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) Details of the proposed uses and activities;

(2) A description of all facilities for which authorization is sought, access needs and special types of easements that may be needed;

(3) A map of sufficient scale to allow all of the required information to be legible and a legal description of primary and alternative project locations; and

(4) A schedule for construction of any facilities.

(b) The proposal shall include the name, legal mailing address and telephone number of the land use proponent.

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