43 CFR § 3420.5-2 - Revision.

§ 3420.5-2 Revision.

(a) The Secretary may revise either the list of tracts included in the schedule or the timing of the lease sales in accordance with any alternatives which were considered in the regional lease sale environmental impact statement and during consultation under § 3420.4 of this title. BLM will publish a notice in the Federal Register and provide a 30-day comment period before it makes any revision increasing the number or frequency of sales, or the amount of coal offered. BLM will publish any revision in the Federal Register.

(b) Any regional lease sale schedule may be updated or replaced as a result of a new regional tract ranking, selection, and scheduling effort conducted in accordance with the provisions of § 3420.3-4 of this title.

[44 FR 42615, July 19, 1979. Redesignated and amended at 47 FR 33140, July 30, 1982; 64 FR 52243, Sept. 28, 1999]