43 CFR § 3422.2 - Notice of sale and detailed statement.

§ 3422.2 Notice of sale and detailed statement.

(a) Prior to the lease sale, the authorized officer shall publish a notice of the proposed sale in the Federal Register and in a newspaper(s) of general circulation in the county or equivalent political subdivision in which the tracts to be sold are situated. The newspaper notice shall be published not less than once a week for 3 consecutive weeks. BLM will post notice of the sale in BLM State Office where the coal lands are managed. BLM will also mail notice to any surface owner of lands noticed for sale and to any other person who has requested notice of sales in the area. The lease sale shall not be held until at least 30 days after such posting in the State Office.

(b) The notice shall:

(1) List the time and place of sale, the type of sale, bidding method, rental, and the description of the tract(s) being offered and the minimum bid(s) to be considered;

(2) Contain a description of the coal resources to be offered; and

(3) Contain information on where a detailed statement of the terms and conditions of the lease(s) which may result from the lease sale may be obtained.

(c) The detailed statement of the terms and conditions of the lease(s) offered and bidding instructions for sale shall:

(1) Contain an explanation of the manner in which the bids may be submitted;

(2) Contain a warning to all bidders concerning 18 U.S.C. 1860, which prohibits unlawful combination or intimidation of bidders;

(3) Specify that the Secretary reserves the right to reject any and all bids and the right to offer the lease to the next highest qualified bidder if the successful bidder fails to obtain the lease for any reason;

(4) Contain a notice that each bid shall be accompanied by the bidder's qualifications (See 43 CFR 3472.2-2);

(5) Contain a notice to bidders that the winning bidders shall have to submit the information required by the Attorney General for post-sale review (See 43 CFR 3422.3-4);

(6) If appropriate, contain (i) a copy of any written qualified surface owner consent, including purchase price, financial obligations and terms and conditions, filed and verified prior to the posting of the notice of lease sale in the appropriate Bureau of Land Management State office; or (ii) a listing of lands for which qualified surface owner consent is required prior to lease sale but has not yet been filed, along with a statement that any consent for those lands filed prior to the deadline for such filings shall be made a part of the official file and shall be available for inspection by the public;

(7) If appropriate, contain a notice that bidders shall file a statement that all information they hold relevant to written consents affecting any area offered in the sale in which the bid is submitted has been filed with the proper Bureau of Land Management State office (43 CFR subpart 1821) in accordance with the provisions of subpart 3427 of this title;

(8) Contain a copy of the proposed lease, including all terms and special stipulations; and

(9) Contain any other information deemed appropriate by the authorized officer.

(d) Each successful bidder, if any, shall reimburse the United States for a proportionate share of the cost of publishing the notice of sale as a condition of lease issuance.

[44 FR 42615, July 19, 1979. Redesignated and amended at 47 FR 33140, July 30, 1982; 64 FR 52243, Sept. 28, 1999]