43 CFR § 36.13 - Special provisions.

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§ 36.13 Special provisions.

(a) Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve.

(1) Access for surface transportation purposes across Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve (from the Ambler Mining District to the Alaska Pipeline Haul Road (Dalton Highway)) shall be permitted in accordance with the provisions of this section.

(2) Upon the filing of an application in accordance with § 36.4 for a right-of-way across the western (Kobuk River) unit of the preserve, including the Kobuk Wild River, the Secretary shall give notice in the Federal Register, and other such notice as may be appropriate, of a 30 day period for other applicants to apply for access. The original application and any additional applications received during the 30 day period will be reviewed in accordance with § 36.5.

(3) The Secretary and the Secretary of Transportation shall jointly prepare an environmental and economic analysis solely for the purpose of determining the most desirable route for the right-of-way and terms and conditions which may be required for the issuance of that right-of-way. This analysis shall be completed within one year and the draft thereof within nine months of the receipt of the application and shall be prepared in lieu of an EIS which would otherwise be required under section 102(2)(C) of NEPA. This analysis shall be deemed to satisfy all requirements of that Act and shall not be subject to judicial review. This analysis shall be prepared in accordance with the procedural requirements of § 36.6.

(4) The Secretaries, in preparing this analysis, shall consider the following:

(i) Alternate routes including the consideration of economically feasible and prudent alternate routes across the preserve which would result in fewer, or less severe, adverse impacts upon the preserve.

(ii) The environmental, social and economic impacts of the right-of-way including impacts upon wildlife, fish, and their habitat, and rural and traditional lifestyles including subsistence activities and measures which should be instituted to avoid or minimize negative impacts and enhance positive impacts.

(5) Within 60 days of the completion of the enviornmental and economic analysis, the Secretaries shall jointly agree upon a route for issuance of the right-of-way across the preserve. Such right-of-way shall be issued in accordance with the provisions of § 36.9.

(b) Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve.

(1) Any application filed by Doyon, Limited, for a right-of-way to provide access in a southerly direction across the Yukon River from its landholdings in the watersheds of the Kandik and Nation Rivers shall be processed in accordance with this part.

(2) No right-of-way shall be granted which would cross the Charley River or which would involve any lands within the watershed of the Charley River.

(3) An application shall be approved by the appropriate Federal agency if it is determined that there exists no economically feasible or otherwise reasonably available alternate route.

(c) Oil and Gas Pipelines - Arctic Slope Regional Corporation.

(1) Upon the filing by Arctic Slope Regional Corporation for an oil and gas TUS across lands identified in section 1431(j) of ANILCA, the appropriate Federal agency shall review the filing, determine the alignment and location of facilities across/on Federal lands, and issue such authorizations as are necessary with respect to the establishment of the TUS.

(2) No environmental document pursuant to NEPA shall be required.

(3) Investigations as to the proper final alignment of the pipeline and location of related facilities are at the discretion of the Federal agency and the costs associated with such investigations are not recoverable under § 36.6.

(d) Forty Mile Component of National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. The classification of segments of the Forty Mile Components as Wild Rivers shall not preclude access across those river segments where the appropriate Federal agency determines such access is necessary to permit commercial development of asbestos deposits in the North Fork drainage.

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