43 CFR § 3809.301 - Where do I file my notice and what information must I include in it?

§ 3809.301 Where do I file my notice and what information must I include in it?

(a) If you qualify under § 3809.21, you must file your notice with the local BLM office with jurisdiction over the lands involved. BLM does not require that the notice be on a particular form.

(b) To be complete, your notice must include the following information:

(1) Operator Information. The name, mailing address, phone number, taxpayer identification number of the operator(s), and the BLM serial number(s) of any unpatented mining claim(s) where the disturbance would occur. If the operator is a corporation, you must identify one individual as the point of contact;

(2) Activity Description, Map, and Schedule of Activities. A description of the proposed activity with a level of detail appropriate to the type, size, and location of the activity. The description must include the following:

(i) The measures that you will take to prevent unnecessary or undue degradation during operations;

(ii) A map showing the location of your project area in sufficient detail for BLM to be able to find it and the location of access routes you intend to use, improve, or construct;

(iii) A description of the type of equipment you intend to use; and

(iv) A schedule of activities, including the date when you expect to begin operations and the date you expect to complete reclamation;

(3) Reclamation Plan. A description of how you will complete reclamation to the standards described in § 3809.420; and

(4) Reclamation cost estimate. An estimate of the cost to fully reclaim your operations as required by § 3809.552.

(c) BLM may require you to provide additional information, if necessary to ensure that your operations will comply with this subpart.

(d) You must notify BLM in writing within 30 calendar days of any change of operator or corporate point of contact, or of the mailing address of the operator or corporate point of contact.