43 CFR § 4130.2 - Grazing permits or leases.

§ 4130.2 Grazing permits or leases.

(a) Grazing permits and leases authorize use on the public lands and other BLM-administered lands that are designated in land use plans as available for livestock grazing. Permits and leases will specify the grazing preference, including active and suspended use. These grazing permits and leases will also specify terms and conditions pursuant to §§ 4130.3, 4130.3–1, and 4130.3–2.

(b) The authorized officer will consult, cooperate, and coordinate with affected permittees and lessees, and the state having lands or responsibility for managing resources within the area, before issuing or renewing grazing permits and leases.

(c) Grazing permits or leases convey no right, title, or interest held by the United States in any lands or resources.

(d) The term of grazing permits or leases authorizing livestock grazing on the public lands and other lands under the administration of the Bureau of Land Management shall be 10 years unless—

(1) The land is being considered for disposal;

(2) The land will be devoted to a public purpose which precludes grazing prior to the end of 10 years;

(3) The term of the base property lease is less than 10 years, in which case the term of the Federal permit or lease shall coincide with the term of the base property lease; or

(4) The authorized officer determines that a permit or lease for less than 10 years is in the best interest of sound land management.

(e) Permittees or lessees holding expiring grazing permits or leases shall be given first priority for new permits or leases if:

(1) The lands for which the permit or lease is issued remain available for domestic livestock grazing;

(2) The permittee or lessee is in compliance with the rules and regulations and the terms and conditions in the permit or lease; and

(3) The permittee or lessee accepts the terms and conditions to be included by the authorized officer in the new permit or lease.

(f) A permit or lease is not valid unless both BLM and the permittee or lessee have signed it.

(g) Permits or leases may incorporate the percentage of public land livestock use (see § 4130.3–2(g)) or may include private land offered under exchange-of-use grazing agreements (see § 4130.6–1).

(h) Provisions explaining how grazing permits or authorizations may be granted for grazing use on state, county or private land leased by the Bureau of Land Management under “The Pierce Act” and located within grazing districts are explained in 43 CFR part 4600.

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