43 CFR § 422.12 - Required standards of conduct.

§ 422.12 Required standards of conduct.

All law enforcement officers authorized to exercise Reclamation authority must adhere to the following standards of conduct:

(a) Be punctual in reporting for duty at the time and place designated by superior officers;

(b) Be mindful at all times and under all circumstances of their responsibility to be courteous, considerate, patient and not use harsh, violent, profane, or insolent language;

(c) Make required reports of appropriate incidents coming to their attention;

(d) When in uniform and requested to do so, provide their name and identification/badge number orally or in writing;

(e) Immediately report any personal injury or any loss, damage, or theft of Federal government property as required by § 422.13;

(f) Not be found guilty in any court of competent jurisdiction of an offense that has a tendency to bring discredit upon the Department or Reclamation;

(g) Not engage in any conduct that is prejudicial to the reputation and good order of the Department or Reclamation; and

(h) Obey all regulations or orders relating to the performance of the unit's duties under the Reclamation contract or cooperative agreement.