43 CFR § 423.33 - Camping.

§ 423.33 Camping.

(a) You may camp on Reclamation lands, except that you must comply with any restrictions, conditions, limitations, or prohibitions on camping established by an authorized official in a special use area under subpart E of this part 423.

(b) You must not camp on Reclamation lands at any single Reclamation project for more than 14 days during any period of 30 consecutive days, except as allowed by a permit issued under 43 CFR part 429;

(c) You must not attempt to reserve a campsite for future use by placing equipment or other items on the campsite, or by personal appearance, without camping on and paying the required fees for that campsite daily;

(d) You must not camp on or place any equipment at a campsite that is posted or otherwise marked as “reserved” or “closed” by an authorized official without a valid reservation for that campsite, except as allowed by a permit issued under subpart D of this part 423; and

(e) You must not dig in or level any ground, or erect any structure other than a tent, in a designated campground.