43 CFR § 8342.2 - Designation procedures.

§ 8342.2 Designation procedures.

(a) Public participation. The designation and redesignation of trails is accomplished through the resource management planning process described in part 1600 of this title. Current and potential impacts of specific vehicle types on all resources and uses in the planning area shall be considered in the process of preparing resource management plans, plan revisions, or plan amendments. Prior to making designations or redesignations, the authorized officer shall consult with interested user groups, Federal, State, county and local agencies, local landowners, and other parties in a manner that provides an opportunity for the public to express itself and have its views given consideration.

(b) Designation. The approval of a resource management plan, plan revision, or plan amendment constitutes formal designation of off-road vehicle use areas. Public notice of designation or redesignation shall be provided through the publication of the notice required by § 1610.5-1(b) of this title. Copies of such notice shall be available to the public in local Bureau offices.

(c) Identification of designated areas and trails. The authorized officer shall, after designation, take action by marking and other appropriate measures to identify designated areas and trails so that the public will be aware of locations and limitations applicable thereto. The authorized officer shall make appropriate informational material, including maps, available for public review.

(d) E-bikes.

(1) Authorized officers may allow, as part of a land-use planning or implementation-level decision, e-bikes, or certain classes of e-bikes, whose motorized features are not being used exclusively to propel the e-bike for an extended period of time on roads and trails upon which mechanized, non-motorized use is allowed; and

(2) If the authorized officer allows e-bikes in accordance with this paragraph (d), an e-bike user shall be afforded all the rights and privileges, and be subject to all of the duties, of a user of a non-motorized bicycle.

[53 FR 31003, Aug. 17, 1988, as amended at 85 FR 69223, Nov. 2, 2020]

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