43 CFR § 8364.1 - Closure and restriction orders.

§ 8364.1 Closure and restriction orders.

(a) To protect persons, property, and public lands and resources, the authorized officer may issue an order to close or restrict use of designated public lands.

(b) Each order shall:

(1) Identify the public lands, roads, trails or waterways that are closed to entry or restricted as to use;

(2) Specify the uses that are restricted;

(3) Specify the period of time during which the closure or restriction shall apply;

(4) Identify those persons who are exempt from the closure or restrictions;

(5) Be posted in the local Bureau of Land Management Office having jurisdiction over the lands to which the order applies;

(6) Be posted at places near and/or within the area to which the closure or restriction applies, in such manner and location as is reasonable to bring prohibitions to the attention of users;

(7) Include a statement on the reasons for the closure; and

(c) In issuing orders pursuant to this section, the authorized officer shall publish them in the Federal Register.

(d) Any person who fails to comply with a closure or restriction order issued under this subpart may be subject to the penalties provided in § 8360.0–7 of this title.