44 CFR § 15.12 - Photographs and other depictions.

§ 15.12 Photographs and other depictions.

(a) Photographs and other depictions at Mt. Weather. We prohibit taking photographs and making notes, sketches, or diagrams of buildings, grounds or other features of Mt. Weather, or the possession of a camera while at Mt. Weather except when the Administrator or Mt. Weather Executive Director approves in advance.

(b) Photographs and other depictions at the NETC.

(1) Photographs may be taken inside classroom or office areas of the NETC only with the consent of the occupants. Except where security regulations apply or a Federal court order or rule prohibits it, photographs may be taken in entrances, lobbies, foyers, corridors, or auditoriums when used for public meetings.

(2) Subject to the foregoing prohibitions, photographs for advertising and commercial purposes may be taken only with written permission of the Director of Management Operations and Systems Support, United States Fire Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Emmitsburg, MD 21727, (telephone) (301) 447–1223, (facsimile) (301) 447–1052, or other authorized official where photographs are to be taken.