44 CFR § 206.223 - General work eligibility.

§ 206.223 General work eligibility.

(a) General. To be eligible for financial assistance, an item of work must:

(1) Be required as the result of the emergency or major disaster event;

(2) Be located within the designated area of a major disaster or emergency declaration, except that sheltering and evacuation activities may be located outside the designated area; and

(3) Be the legal responsibility of an eligible applicant.

(b) Private nonprofit facilities. To be eligible, all private nonprofit facilities must be owned and operated by an organization meeting the definition of a private nonprofit organization [see § 206.221(f)].

(c) Public entities. Facilities belonging to a public entity may be eligible for assistance when the application is submitted through the State or a political subdivision of the State.

(d) Facilities serving a rural community or unincorporated town or village. To be eligible for assistance, a facility not owned by an eligible applicant, as defined in § 206.222, must be owned by a private nonprofit organization; and provide an essential governmental service to the general public. Applications for these facilities must be submitted through a State or political subdivision of the State.

(e) Negligence. No assistance will be provided to an applicant for damages caused by its own negligence. If negligence by another party results in damages, assistance may be provided, but will be conditioned on agreement by the applicant to cooperate with FEMA in all efforts necessary to recover the cost of such assistance from the negligent party.

[55 FR 2307, Jan. 23, 1990, as amended at 71 FR 40027, July 14, 2006; 74 FR 60214, Nov. 20, 2009]

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