44 CFR § 206.42 - Responsibilities of coordinating officers.

§ 206.42 Responsibilities of coordinating officers.

(a) Following a declaration of a major disaster or an emergency, the FCO shall:

(1) Make an initial appraisal of the types of assistance most urgently needed;

(2) In coordination with the SCO, establish field offices and Disaster Application Centers as necessary to coordinate and monitor assistance programs, disseminate information, accept applications, and counsel individuals, families and businesses concerning available assistance;

(3) Coordinate the administration of relief, including activities of State and local governments, activities of Federal agencies, and those of the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Mennonite Disaster Service, and other voluntary relief organizations which agree to operate under the FCO's advice and direction;

(4) Undertake appropriate action to make certain that all of the Federal agencies are carrying out their appropriate disaster assistance roles under their own legislative authorities and operational policies; and

(5) Take other action, consistent with the provisions of the Stafford Act, as necessary to assist citizens and public officials in promptly obtaining assistance to which they are entitled.

(b) The SCO coordinates State and local disaster assistance efforts with those of the Federal Government working closely with the FCO. The SCO is the principal point of contact regarding coordination of State and local disaster relief activities, and implementation of the State emergency plan. The functions, responsibilities, and authorities of the SCO are set forth in the State emergency plan. It is the responsibility of the SCO to ensure that all affected local jurisdictions are informed of the declaration, the types of assistance authorized, and the areas eligible to receive such assistance.