44 CFR § 207.7 - Procedures for requesting management cost funding.

§ 207.7 Procedures for requesting management cost funding.

(a) General. This section describes the procedures to be used by the grantee in requesting management cost funding.

(b) State administrative plan requirements. State administrative plans, as required in § 206.207(b) of this chapter for PA and § 206.437 of this chapter for HMGP, must be amended to include procedures for subgrantee management costs amount or percentage determination, pass through, closeout, and audit, as required by § 207.4(c)(3) before management cost funds will be provided under this part.

(c) Initial funding request submission. Upon notification of the preliminary lock-in amount(s) for management costs based on the Federal share of the projected eligible program costs for financial assistance at that time for PA and HMGP, as applicable, the grantee must submit its initial management cost funding request to the Regional Administrator. FEMA must receive the initial funding request before it will provide any management cost funds under this part.

(1) For PA management costs, funding requests shall be submitted using a PW.

(2) For HMGP management costs, funding requests shall be submitted using an HMGP project narrative.

(d) Request documentation. The grantee is required to submit, no later than 120 days after the date of declaration, documentation to support costs and activities for which the projected lock-in for management cost funding will be used. In extraordinary circumstances, FEMA may approve a request by a grantee to submit support documentation after 120 days. FEMA will work with the grantee to approve or reject the request within 30 days of receipt of the request. If the request is rejected, the grantee will have 30 days to resubmit it for reconsideration and approval. FEMA will not obligate the balance of the management costs lock-in pursuant to a final funding request as described in paragraph (f) of this section or any interim amounts as allowed under paragraph (e) of this section unless the grantee's documentation is approved. The documentation must include:

(1) A description of activities, personnel requirements, and other costs for which the grantee will use management cost funding provided under this part;

(2) The grantee's plan for expending and monitoring the funds provided under this part and ensuring sufficient funds are budgeted for grant closeout; and

(3) An estimate of the percentage or amount of pass-through funds for management costs provided under this part that the grantee will make available to subgrantees, and the basis, criteria, or formula for determining the subgrantee percentage or amount (e.g., number of projects, complexity of projects, X percent to any subgrantee).

(e) Interim funding request. If the grantee can justify a bona fide need for an additional obligation of management cost funds at 6 months, the grantee may submit a request to the Regional Administrator. Any interim obligations by FEMA must be approved by the Chief Financial Officer and will not exceed an amount equal to 10 percent of the 6-month lock-in amount, except in extraordinary circumstances.

(f) Final funding request. Upon notification of the final lock-in amount(s), the grantee must submit a final management cost funding request to the Regional Administrator. Any necessary revisions to supporting documentation must be attached to the final funding request.