44 CFR § 304.3 - Conditions for a consolidated grant.

§ 304.3 Conditions for a consolidated grant.

(a) In order to participate, an insular area must submit a (one-time) administrative plan as provided for in FEMA guidance material (to be maintained in current status) and must sign a (one-time) civil rights assurance and a (one-time) grant agreement agreeing to comply with Federal requirements.

(b) An insular area need not submit an application for a consolidated grant, but must submit an annual program paper which meets the requirements prescribed in FEMA guidance material.

(c) Funds made available under a consolidated grant must be expended for State and local management program expenses and/or State and local maintenance and services program expenses as defined and described in FEMA guidance material. Each participating insular area will determine the proportion in which funds granted to it will be allocated between the two programs.

(d) Participating insular areas need not provide matching funds for consolidated grants.

[43 FR 39776, Sept. 7, 1978. Redesignated at 44 FR 56173, Sept. 28, 1979, as amended at 50 FR 40007, Oct. 1, 1985]