44 CFR § 312.6 - Materials and facilities.

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§ 312.6 Materials and facilities.

FEMA also contributes to the development and support of emergency management in the States and their political subdivisions, and to the development, operation, and maintenance of specific programs, through providing certain materials and facilities. The following may be used for natural disaster purposes provided that such usage is consistent with, contributes to, and does not detract from attack-related civil defense preparedness:

(a) Materials provided and maintained through contributions under the Act.

(b) Technical information, guidance through which technical assistance is provided, and training courses, may contain examples, illustrations, discussion, suggested applications and uses of material.

(c) Equipment loaned under provisions of the Contributions Project Loan Program.

(d) Facilities, such as Emergency Operating Centers, provided and maintained through contributions under the Act.

(e) Equipment loaned or granted to the States for civil defense purposes (e.g., radiological instruments, shelter supplies).