44 CFR § 334.4 - Definitions.

§ 334.4 Definitions.

(a) Graduated Mobilization Response (GMR) is a system for integrating mobilization actions designed to respond to ambiguous and/or specific warnings. These actions are designed to mitigate the impact of an event or crisis and reduce significantly the lead time associated with a full national emergency action implementation.

(b) National security emergency is any occurrence, including natural disaster, military attack, technological emergency, or other emergency, that seriously degrades or threatens the national security of the United States.

(c) Mobilization is the process of marshalling resources, both civil and military, to respond to and manage a national security emergency.

(d) GMR Plans are those agency documents that describe, in general, the actions that an agency could take in the early stages of a national security emergency, or upon receipt of warning information about a possible national security emergency. These actions would be designed to mitigate the impact of, or reduce significantly, the lead times associated with full emergency action implementation. Such plans are required by section 201(4)(b) of Executive Order 12656.

(e) A Costed Option Package is a document that describes in detail a particular action that an agency could take in the early stages of a national security emergency. The general content of a GMR costed option package includes alternative response options; the resource implications of each option; shortfalls, costs, timeframes and political feasibility.