44 CFR § 350.2 - Definitions.

§ 350.2 Definitions.

As used in this part, the following terms are defined:

(a) Administrator means the Administrator, FEMA, or designee;

(b) Regional Administrator means a Regional Administrator of FEMA, or designee;

(c) Deputy Administrator means the , National Preparedness Directorate, FEMA, or designee;

(d) FEMA means the Federal Emergency Management Agency;

(e) NRC means the Nuclear Regulatory Commission;

(f) EPZ means Emergency Planning Zone.

(g) Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) is a generic area around a commercial nuclear facility used to assist in offsite emergency planning and the development of a significant response base. For commercial nuclear power plants, EPZs of about 10 and 50 miles are delineated for the plume and ingestion exposure pathways respectively.

(h) Plume Exposure Pathway refers to whole body external exposure to gamma radiation from the plume and from deposited materials and inhalation exposure from the passing radioactive plume. The duration of primary exposures could range in length from hours to days.

(i) Ingestion Exposure Pathway refers to exposure primarily from ingestion of water or foods such as milk and fresh vegetables that have been contaminated with radiation. The duration of primary exposure could range from hours to months.

(j) Full participation refers to an exercise in which: (1) State and local government emergency personnel are engaged in sufficient numbers to verify the capability to respond to the actions required by the accident scenario; (2) the integrated capability to adequately assess and respond to an accident at a commercial nuclear power plant is tested; and (3) the implementation of the observable portions of State and/or local plans is tested.

(k) Partial participation refers to the engagement of State and local government emergency personnel in an exercise sufficient to adequately test direction and control functions for protective action decisionmaking related to emergency action levels and communication capabilities among affected State and local governments and the licensee.

(l) Remedial exercise is one that tests deficiencies of previous joint exercise that are considered significant enough to impact on the public health and safety.

(m) Local government refers to boroughs, cities, counties, municipalities, parishes, towns, townships and other local jurisdictions within the plume exposure pathway EPZ when any of these entities has specific roles in emergency planning and preparedness in the EPZ.

(n) Site refers to the location at which there is one or more commercial nuclear power plants. A nuclear power plant is synonymous with a nuclear power facility.

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