44 CFR § 60.1 - Purpose of subpart.

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§ 60.1 Purpose of subpart.

(a) The Act provides that flood insurance shall not be sold or renewed under the program within a community, unless the community has adopted adequate flood plain management regulations consistent with Federal criteria. Responsibility for establishing such criteria is delegated to the Federal Insurance Administrator.

(b) This subpart sets forth the criteria developed in accordance with the Act by which the Federal Insurance Administrator will determine the adequacy of a community's flood plain management regulations. These regulations must be legally-enforceable, applied uniformly throughout the community to all privately and publicly owned land within flood-prone, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) or flood-related erosion areas, and the community must provide that the regulations take precedence over any less restrictive conflicting local laws, ordinances or codes. Except as otherwise provided in § 60.6, the adequacy of such regulations shall be determined on the basis of the standards set forth in § 60.3 for flood-prone areas, § 60.4 for mudslide areas and § 60.5 for flood-related erosion areas.

(c) Nothing in this subpart shall be construed as modifying or replacing the general requirement that all eligible communities must take into account flood, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) and flood-related erosion hazards, to the extent that they are known, in all official actions relating to land management and use.

(d) The criteria set forth in this subpart are minimum standards for the adoption of flood plain management regulations by flood-prone, mudslide (i.e., mudflow)-prone and flood-related erosion-prone communities. Any community may exceed the minimum criteria under this part by adopting more comprehensive flood plain management regulations utilizing the standards such as contained in subpart C of this part. In some instances, community officials may have access to information or knowledge of conditions that require, particularly for human safety, higher standards than the minimum criteria set forth in subpart A of this part. Therefore, any flood plain management regulations adopted by a State or a community which are more restrictive than the criteria set forth in this part are encouraged and shall take precedence.

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