44 CFR § 60.25 - Designation, duties, and responsibilities of State Coordinating Agencies.

§ 60.25 Designation, duties, and responsibilities of State Coordinating Agencies.

(a) States are encouraged to demonstrate a commitment to the minimum flood plain management criteria set forth in §§ 60.3, 60.4, and 60.5 as evidenced by the designation of an agency of State government to be responsible for coordinating the Program aspects of flood plain management in the State.

(b) State participation in furthering the objectives of this part shall include maintaining capability to perform the appropriate duties and responsibilities as follows:

(1) Enact, whenever necessary, legislation enabling counties and municipalities to regulate development within flood-prone areas;

(2) Encourage and assist communities in qualifying for participation in the Program;

(3) Guide and assist county and municipal public bodies and agencies in developing, implementing, and maintaining local flood plain management regulations;

(4) Provide local governments and the general public with Program information on the coordination of local activities with Federal and State requirements for managing flood-prone areas;

(5) Assist communities in disseminating information on minimum elevation requirements for development within flood-prone areas;

(6) Assist in the delineation of riverine and coastal flood-prone areas, whenever possible, and provide all relevant technical information to the Federal Insurance Administrator;

(7) Recommend priorities for Federal flood plain management activities in relation to the needs of county and municipal localities within the State;

(8) Provide notification to the Federal Insurance Administrator in the event of apparent irreconcilable differences between a community's local flood plain management program and the minimum requirements of the Program;

(9) Establish minimum State flood plain management regulatory standards consistent with those established in this part and in conformance with other Federal and State environmental and water pollution standards for the prevention of pollution during periods of flooding;

(10) Assure coordination and consistency of flood plain management activities with other State, areawide, and local planning and enforcement agencies;

(11) Assist in the identification and implementation of flood hazard mitigation recommendations which are consistent with the minimum flood plain management criteria for the Program;

(12) Participate in flood plain management training opportunities and other flood hazard preparedness programs whenever practicable.

(c) Other duties and responsibilities, which may be deemed appropriate by the State and which are to be officially designated as being conducted in the capacity of the State Coordinating Agency for the Program, may be carried out with prior notification of the Federal Insurance Administrator.

(d) For States which have demonstrated a commitment to and experience in application of the minimum flood plain management criteria set forth in §§ 60.3, 60.4, and 60.5 as evidenced by the establishment and implementation of programs which substantially encompass the activities described in paragraphs (a), (b), and (c) of this section, the Federal Insurance Administrator shall take the foregoing into account when:

(1) Considering State recommendations prior to implementing Program activities affecting State communities;

(2) Considering State approval or certifications of local flood plain management regulations as meeting the requirements of this part.

[51 FR 30309, Aug. 25, 1986]