44 CFR § 68.7 - Conduct of hearings.

§ 68.7 Conduct of hearings.

(a) The Judge shall be responsible for the fair and expeditious conduct of proceedings.

(b) The Federal Insurance Administrator shall be represented by the Chief Counsel or his/her designee.

(c) One administrative hearing shall be held for any one community unless the Federal Insurance Administrator for good cause shown grants a separate hearing or hearings.

(d) The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the community or his/her designee shall represent all appellants from that community; Provided, That any appellant may petition the board to allow such appellant to make an appearance on his/her own behalf. Such a petition shall be granted only upon a showing of good cause.

(e) Hearings shall be open to the public.

(f) A verbatim transcript will be made of the hearing. An appellant may order copies of the transcribed verbatim record directly from the reporter and will be responsible for payments.

[47 FR 23449, May 29, 1982, as amended at 49 FR 33879, Aug. 27, 1984]